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Advisant Consulting Group offers a unique and innovative consulting solution in the market, helping the most important companies in the region to transform their international businesses into vigorous and agile ecosystems, capable of anticipating the unpredictable, adapting quickly to the dizzying cultural changes in the business world, overcoming their present and future oppositions in a sustainable way.

We choose to work with companies and individual professionals who do not hide from the future, but choose to take on the challenge of overcoming their fears and facing them. Our clients have high potential, high ambition, are determined to adapt and with our advice, they empower all these values to become winners, benchmarks and leaders in their industry.

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We use innovative methodologies and approaches that revolutionise traditional consultancy, with an emphasis on analytical rigour and fact-based problem-solving. Our previous consulting experience in more than 250 projects, together with our extensive network of consultants and independent professionals, allows us to make use of the best practices applied in the market today.


Each of our senior partners is an expert in various industries, functions and areas of public management, working in leading global multinational firms. Complementing our group of partners, we employ potential and talented people who want to contribute innovative ideas. We include graduates from Harvard BS, UBA, UTN, IAE, London Business School, Universität Mainz, among others.


We want to ensure that our proposals deliver real results for our clients. We don't want to write theoretical expositions or reports that gather dust on the shelves. Our primary focus is to serve clients who understand that they can benefit from external help and who are ready to implement solutions, driving change in their organisations. We help these clients by suggesting pragmatic solutions that take into account the detail of each particular organisation.


Our independence and transparency allows us to express what we truly believe in to our clients. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo and confront the challenges of change. We encourage our clients to think outside the box. This means asking tough questions, making uncomfortable observations and coming up with bold new solutions.


We are focused on what our clients really need: excellent professionals who drive real results. Our advantage: low fixed costs thanks to low internal bureaucracy; limited expenditure on marketing and sophisticated sales materials; proprietary collaboration tools for consultants; flexible and efficient team; structures tailored to each client's needs; we apply affordable fees with a guaranteed return on investment.



For many years, Advisant Group's professionals and strategic allies have provided advice and a wide range of services to public and private companies.


Our team includes only the most outstanding experts, academically trained in the best national and international schools.


We select the best specialists in each of the disciplines and services we offer, enhanced with specific knowledge of various industries in the economy.

We believe that the experience of our professionals, with an excellent academic level and varied training, is what allows us to differentiate ourselves from other consulting firms.

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We want to focus on your present and your future in an innovative way. We join your organisation, becoming an integral part of your team.


All our projects have an objective and cutting-edge analysis, which has earned us a reputation for excellence and efficiency.


We have a network of regional strategic partners, composed of companies and independent professionals, which allows us to participate in projects beyond our borders.


National and international media frequently call on our professionals for their expert perspective on various topics of interest. Contact us to find out more.


It is vital that you and your company can rely on the right consultant or advisor for each specific reality, in order to deliver tailor-made results and not simply ambiguous solutions put into practice that, once the project is completed, is never reflected in successful implementations or results.

It is a mistake to apply uniform and standardised solutions to projects/companies / individuals as diverse and particular as the very nature of the organisations and the people that compose them. In this sense, we understand that a rigid team takes away our flexibility and ability to adapt to each client's challenges, culture and reality.

That is why our strategy is innovative and practical: Our team is composed of a board of professionals with extensive experience, academic records and training in various industries, who are responsible for making an initial analysis of each client and project, observing the needs and carefully studying the parameters of future action. Based on this information and once discussed with the internal committee, the most suitable consultant is selected from our network of professional associates and independent advisors. In this way, we achieve a flexible, dynamic, specific and highly efficient service, leaving behind "canned solutions".

Our senior consultants:

  • They currently serve as leaders in multinational organisations, which accredits their contact with the current reality of the business world and ensures that our clients have first-hand knowledge of the latest market trends in project management.

  • They are specialists inter-linked to our consultancy in a strategically connected organisation: matrix management, virtual teams and global collaboration.

  • They are experienced facilitators and coaches with experience working with diverse multicultural groups at all levels.

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